Lodi 18 - A loaded version of kodi

Ready in 10 minutes

Built and sent to your inbox in less than 10 minutes. With your custom design and built in Kodi Wizard that installs your build on launch.

Based on Kodi 18.0

We only use the latest version of Kodi to make your fork and it can be installed along side the original Kodi app.

View download stats

Every fork created comes with a stats panel where you can view your stats and edit your build URL remotely.

What is Lodi and what do we do?

In 2016 we created the first ever version of Lodi “a loaded version of Kodi” which was a fork of Kodi except it installed a Kodi build with one click right from loading the app on to a device. Lodi was downloaded over 40,000 times around the world.

We quickly saw that the Lodi concept could help Android TV Box sellers and IPTV retailer enter the professional market with a simple and low cost solution to provide services remotely.

Lodi the online Kodi fork maker was born.

The online tool has created thousands of apps that have between them generated over 5 million downloads.

Create your company app in 10 minutes

your app ready in 10 minutes
  • Your Logo, artwork and app name
  • No mention of Kodi
  • Loads your Kodi build from the home screen
  • Edit the download path remotely
  • Keep download stats
  • Design online and sent to you in 10 minutes
  • Simple for all users types

It's time to move away from the Kodi brand

IPTV seller, Android TV retailer or just wanting to immortalize your Kodi build.
Your own branded app speaks volumes about you and your company. Stop promoting Kodi and start promoting you.

Seeing is believing

we made Lodi in under 10 minutes

Clicking the button will take you to the Play Store to download Lodi

How does it all work?

  • 1. We have taken the Kodi source code and edited it slightly
  • 2. The edited source code is uploaded to our server
  • 3. You upload your custom artwork and app name to our server
  • 4. The server adds your content in to the Kodi source code
  • 5 . The new source code is compiled as a new app
  • 6. The app is signed and sent to your e-mail address
It’s all 100% automated. The only waiting time is while the server is making a final version of your app and that takes about 10 minutes. It’s your app and there are no on going fees. You get a Kodi fork app exactly how you want it with a built in Kodi wizard that will install your Kodi build with one click from the home screen.

The best part is you can update your Kodi build and your download URL without needing to edit your app.