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Your customized app built in minutes

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Whether you sell Android TV Devices

or just want to be the next big news in Kodi

With our Online Kodi Fork App Maker you can have your very own Android app sent to you in minutes.

There isn't much to separate you from the competition if you sell Android TV Boxes. Having a bespoke Android TV Box and packaging with your logo on it is one thing, but functionally it doesn't change the product or make your clients life any easier.


Stand out from the Crowd

Become a brand, become unique.

You can stop using the Kodi app and start using your own branded Kodi Fork version of it on your Android Devices and have it install your custom Kodi build just like Lodi.


With your own branded Kodi Fork app that pre loads your Kodi custom build you can stand out from the crowd and reduce the amount of time you spend fixing Kodi user issues.

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your app ready in 10 minutes

Have your Kodi Fork Android app in 10 minutes

Sent directly to your inbox instantly

No waiting around. Just fill in the details you need and hit submit. Our online Kodi app editing tool will do the rest and send you your amazing new branded Kodi Fork application in APK form.


All you need to do is install it to your devices and share it with the world.

Your Kodi app

your brand

Submit your own details. App name, icon, loading images and much more

your kodi build

your build

Connect your Kodi build to your app simply by entering its URL. Share your build with the word via your app.

App sent instantly

made instantly

All made and sent instantly to your inbox. No waiting around, ready to install right away.

Any Build, just add it's URL and create an Android App

In this video we make a Kodi Fork Android Application out of the Wookie Kodi Build using it's URL and some custom images in less than 5 minutes.

It is really that simple to create your very own dedicated Android streaming application with a pre installed Wizard installer right from the homepage.

Be inventive, use any URL you like and create your custom images to create your own dedicated Android Application Kodi Fork.


Your customized app can be installed along side Kodi and SPMC  on the same device without issue. 

Your very own Android Streaming app build in minutes for just £9.99

that can be installed on the same device as Kodi or SPMC


Sent straight to your inbox instantly

Sign up today and we will send you a fully working test app that we created with Lodi Builder.
Lodi Builder is the fastest and simplest way to create a Kodi fork app that will install your Kodi build in one click.

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