Get your Kodi Build ready for APK

Kodi Build APK

This tutorial will guide you through the best way to create your Kodi build in preparation for your Lodi APK

This tutorial is very simple and once you get the hang of the processes and get used to the typical errors you will never have a problem creating and uploading a Kodi build for your Lodi APK.



What you will need to create your Kodi build files

All you need is some basic Kodi build knowledge and winzip. You don't need to pay for any file storage because you should upload to the KodiHub

It doesn't matter how experienced you might think you are in building Kodi builds, what is important is that you follow these simple steps. You will cut down errors permanently just by sticking to the Kodi build rules

The first thing you need to do before you begin is understand that any errors you have with your Lodi APK is down to the build. The errors are never the fault of the APK.



How to create your Kodi build ready for your APK

[spacer height="15px"]You will need to make sure that you are creating your Kodi build on Kodi version 17.x and to make you life very easy you should create your Kodi build on your PC, not your Android device.

Once you are happy with your build locate the Kodi environment directory.

Open the addons folder and delete the folder packages. Also delete any addons or repositories that your build is not using.

Open the userdata folder and delete the folder Thumbnails. Open the addon_data folder and remove any folders of addons that you are not using

Create a zip file on your desktop and label it "MyBuild". Open the zip file and drag in the addons folder and the userdata folder from the Kodi environment. Close the zip file and upload it to the Kodi hub

Kodi build zip

It is important to mention here that if you are using the estuary skin you MUST add the addon to your addons folder.




Once you have uploaded your Kodi build zip file to the Kodi Hub get the URL link to it and enter it in to your Lodi panel.

Now it's time to test your build!


  1. Lodi error as soon as you push the start button.
    Check your download URL. Enter the URL in to your browser address bar and see if the build download starts. If it does not then this is your problem. To fix this use the Kodihub
  2. Kodi build doesn't extract fully.
    Check in your zip file for any files with names that have special characters in them. Any you find you need to remove. Usually these always show up in the same place, script.extendedinfo look inside the folder media to find the problems.
  3. After force close the screen still shows the build homescreen with start button or build options.
    This could be down to the same error in point 2 or that you are using the estuary skin, in this case add the estuary skin addon in to your addons folder.

Some other tips

This tip will help you create an update Kodi build link in your Kodi build

Update your Lodi built Kodi fork from within the build


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