Reset your Lodi built Kodi fork from your build

This tutorial will guide you through the best way to rest your Lodi built Kodi or MyGica fork back to factory settings directly from your build

This tutorial is very simple and when coupled with our tutorial on creating a build update link in your Kodi build you can create a simple all in one solution for updating your build and resetting your application in one place with one user click.


What you will need to reset your Kodi build from your build

All you need is some basic Kodi build knowledge and our modified version of the TV Addons tool "Fresh Start".

Our slightly modified version of this program addon will self close your application once the formatting is complete.

This should not take you longer than 5 minutes from start to finish. If you have some Kodi build experience, which I imagine you do have, then this will be a very basic integration.



How to create a reset apk link in your Kodi build

Click here to download the Lodi Fresh addon.

Open the downloaded zip file and extract the contents in to your addons folder

Launch Kodi and enter program addons. Enable Fresh.

No select Fresh as one of the links in your build. When you select fresh to create your shortcut in yiur Kodi build you will find that the addon will launch and ask you to reset your theme. Choose no and then select create shortcut here.

Now all that you need to do is label your shortcut and go back to your build. When you run through the program the theme will be wiped and then the app will self close to complete the formatting.


It is important that you back up your build before testing this otherwise, yep, you're going to wipe your build.


Some other tips

To create a build updating link in your Kodi build use this tutorial, it works great with the Fresh Start addition to your build.

Update your Lodi built Kodi fork from within the build


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