Update your Lodi built Kodi fork from within the build

This tutorial will help with users that have used our Kodi fork building apk tool

The question of how do I update my build from within without resetting my app is something we get asked about frequently. It is relatively simple but rather than explain it through emails each day we through a tutorial would help.

It is simple and will take around 5 minutes to do and add to your Kodi build.

Get your updated Kodi build zip URL

You should have uploaded your updated Kodi build by now. All we need to do is convert that URL in to a format that Kodi will understand.

For the example here we will use http://www.mybuild.com/update.zip as the URL.

Go to https://www.urlencoder.org/ and paste in your Kodi build URL in to the text area and press the encode button.

URL encode for Kodi

Using our example we get http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mybuild.com%2Fupdate.zip


Add your encoded build to the favourites.xml

For this part of the tutorial you will need Notepad++ or notepad. 

Open the favourites.xml file located in your userdata folder of your Kodi build and add a line above this syntax </favourites>

<favourite name="Update Build" thumb="C:UsersFissAppDataRoamingKodiaddonsplugin.program.avstreamresourcesartLATEST.png">PlayMedia(&quot;plugin://plugin.program.avstream/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mybuild.com%2Fupdate.zip&amp;mode=5&amp;name=INSTALL+TEST+BUILD&amp;iconimage=C%3A%5CUsers%5CFiss%5CAppData%5CRoaming%5CKodi%5Caddons%5Cplugin.program.avstream%5Cresources%5Cart%5CLATEST.png&amp;fanart=C%3A%5CUsers%5CFiss%5CAppData%5CRoaming%5CKodi%5Caddons%5Cplugin.program.avstream%5Cfanart.jpg&amp;description=&quot;)</favourite>

You can see the red and bold area we added our encoded URL. Remove this part of the above and add your encoded URL.


Add the update link to your build

Launch Kodi and choose a good place to insert the update build button. Usually the Exit option or system option are the best places for this.

Go to Skin Settings, edit the home menu and create your link by selecting favourite and choosing the "Update Build" favourite link.

That's pretty much all you need to do. If you want to protect the URL a little better than just having it in your favourites.xml you can remove the line of code we added from the file. Once you have added the link to your build you no longer need it in the xml file.


Test your link

Back up your Kodi files before you try this but all that you need to do now is test the link in the build. All being well your build will download, Kodi will close and the next time you launch your updated build will be available.

Lodi Free

This method is good as you don't need to add any addons and your users edits to your build will be retained.



With built in wizard for one click install of your Kodi build

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