The internet’s first Kodi 17.1 fork builder

We've done it again!

We are proud to reveal the internet's only Kodi Fork of Krypton 17.1 online apk builder with built in wizard for one click install of your Kodi build.

Now you can have your own Android Application designed by you based on Kodi 17.1 that will load your Kodi Build right out of the box.

The Kodi Fork Online tool

For those reading this that have never used our Kodi and SPMC fork making tool online we will explain what our software does.

You upload your own images, think of an app name and input your Kodi build URL in to our online form. Our server will then compile your data and create you an Android app made from the Kodi 17.1 source code. A link to download your app is emailed to in under 10 minutes of submitting.


We've also been doing some back end work

Previously the Kodi fork or SPMC fork that the software develops for you would be rigid. If the URL to your Kodi build had to change then your app would no longer work. This has all changes

Now any product that you create will have a flexible build URL that you can edit remotely via our Lodi Zone platform. Each purchase comes with login details to the Lodi Zone so you can login and update your build URL when ever you like. Not just that but you can also view how many time your build has been downloaded and see how you measure against the top 20 companies that have used our Kodi fork builder platform. 


Start building your own Kodi Fork App


We have taken the learning out of making your own Kodi Fork and we have made it simple for your users to install your build. What are you waiting for?

As with all our Kodi fork builder products, our Kodi 17.1 version can be installed on the same device as normal Kodi without issue.

Start making your own Kodi Fork app today and have it emailed to you in 10 minutes.

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