Create your own version of MyGica Media Center

Run Kodi 17.1 on Android 4.4 devices with MyGica

Lodi have released the worlds only APK editor and creator for the Kodi Fork MyGica Media Center.

Adding to our range of Kodi and SPMC fork we have just added the ability to create your very own APK based on the MyGica Media Center APK with our signature addition of being able to download and install your Kodi 17.1 build straight from the homescreen..

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What is MyGica?

MyGica Media Center is specially created version of Kodi that will run version 17.1 perfectly on Android devices with an operating system from 4.4 and upwards..

Why is this so important? The original Kodi 17.1 Krypton apk would only run on Android OS 5.0 or higher. This left a lot of devices unable to use the new Kodi platform..

MyGica came out and made a hybrid version of Kodi that would over come this issue which is great for those that were being held to ransome by Krypton no longer serving their Android 4.4 devices.


How to make your own version of MyGica

Choose this link

Scroll down and select the MyGica Fork option.

This will take you to our app submission page. Work your way through the page adding your app name, images and build URL to the page. When you're happy with the data hit submit and we will send your redesigned APK directly to your inbox in around 10 minutes. The app will be instantly ready to use.

When you get your email and download link you will see an option to login to the Lodi Zone.Lodi-zone-login

Once logged in to the Lodi Zone you can change the URL of your Kodi 17.1 build remotely and your application will re direct to the new URL without having to edit the actually application.


Some other tips


To create a build updating link in your Kodi build use this tutorial

Update your Lodi built Kodi fork from within the build


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