Lodi has been updated

Lodi Classic Updated

It's been a while since we updated this theme so we decided to give it some attention.

We have been really busy behind the scenes creating 2 new options in the Lodi Kodi Fork Builder and creating Lodi v4 using the new Kodi 17.0 apk. Once these projects have completed you will all appreciate the hard work that we do behind the scenes creating what is still the easiest loaded version of Kodi available.


So what is new in Lodi Classic?

Full TV guide linked to AVS IPTV HD

Full TV guide for Kodi
Full TV guide to use in Lodi not Kodi linked to AVS IPTV HD so all your favourite TV channels now come with a full now and next TV guide

This is by far the biggest improvement to the theme and links in with your premium IPTV subscription with a full TV guide for all your favourite UK TV channels so you never miss a Live Streaming on Android TV program


To make the most of this new feature

You will need AVS IPTV HD which is a low cost solution for premium IPTV streamingThe content is unbelievable with over 800 live TV channels and on demand media. 

All NFL and MLB games, live USA TV channels (great for anyone wanting to watch The Walking Dead live as it is broadcast in America), the full UK premium TV package, MIO Stadium channels, every single live football match with English commentary in HD and so much more.

If you would like a login or a 24 hour test login code please visit AVStream Android App Developers 


New artwork

We have update the artwork and refreshed the streaming links. Everything has a nice new look and the streaming movies links working.
Check out the new update and have a look around for some of the new listings that we have added. Check back in the week for the rest of the updates.


This update requires a Lodi Reset.

Lodi Reset Or Clear App Data for Lodi and re launch the app



While you're here we have some news

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This week the remaining 3 themes Lodi Pro, Lodi Sports and Lodi Kids will be updated. We will post the update news as each theme is completed.

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