Lodi is removed from the Google Playstore

Download Lodi apk from the playstore is no more

We knew this day was coming sooner or later.

Google has some very tight policies on what to allow on the Playstore even though there are thousands of apps for streaming freely available to download

Playstore double standards

The 5 highlighted app are just on the first page I came across of the evidence that streaming apps ever present on the Playstore. They have a very long way to go before they can clean the whole place up.



Will Lodi apk be back on the Play Store?

No, we won't be resubmitting the app the play store again. We could change the package name and re upload it and carry on as before but taking part in this game of whack-a-mole is a waste of calories on our behalf

Lodi removed from the playstore

The Lodi APK is free to download so there is no loss of revenue. The exposure the play store gave us will certainly be missed but we have over 30,000 active users. We can grow organically via the website and via social media.

We will continue to develop Lodi as we have before and stay on top of sourcing the best Kodi content to share with you.


We have changed our Lodi APK downloads page

We have removed the play store link, obviously.

You can download the official Lodi apk from our download page when there is an update to the application we will make it available to you via the Help section in Lodi and release news on social media

So, to turn that frown around and in defiance of Google we have added another free product for you to download.

We have just finished Lodi Black. This app is for Android TV devices with an older operating system, the ones that couldn't upgrade to Lodi v4.

Check out the new downloads page here or click downloads in the above menu.

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