Lodi Version 4 – Final News

Lodi - not Kodi version 4 ready for release

We have made Lodi Version 4 "Thor" in to a final release. With some last minute build work to complete tomorrow we can now confirm that we will be releasing the update to the playstore later in the afternoon.

Remember Lodi version 4 will not work on Android devices lower than Android 5.0. So if you want to continue using Lodi then you will need to upgrade your device if the operating system is not Android 5.0 or above.

In this post we will detail how the final application looks and performs on Android 6.0

The new home screen


The new Lodi v4 homescreen is much cleaner and offer 7 builds, 6 of which are brand new. 

Use the left hand column to select through the builds, once you hit OK on the build you would like to install the download will begin in typical Lodi.

Under the list of builds is a handy link for help and FAQ topics, just in case you need assistance during the process.  

The Lodi v4 builds

Everyone's favorite - Lodi Classic

Lodi version 4

Now named Lodi the lightest build of them all at just 80mb but yet it still packs everything in. After a full update this theme is good to go with all your favorite streaming links in one place. The left to right navigation system ensures you will find everything you're looking for quickly and simply. Something for all the family including a link to login to AVStream IPTV (contact www.avstream.tv for access)

Stream On Fire

The flagship build of AVStream.tv and what a build it is too. Once you take this one the chances are you will stay on it. It has sleek look with more sub-menu items than ever before. Everything is in view so it makes for a very simple streaming platform.



Built in the classic Aeon Nox skin with some pretty nice modifications this build is totally unique. It is on the larger side of the size of builds but one thing is for certain, the wookie wizard build is one of the most popular builds on Kodi at the moment.



Another large build made by the very popular Spinz TV. This guy has been making builds for a very long time and he still continues to push every single boundary that Kodi has set. This build is tagged SpinzTV Fury and is built using the Emenience skin and offers a very family friendly platform for streaming.



Not my favorite build but none the less a very popular one. Made using the xonfluence skin Paradox, previously Black Box, contains all the links that you would be accustomed to in most builds with a very nice clean look. Just short of 200mb in zip format and a very family friendly build for the whole family.



We took the time to make this build compatible with Lodi v4 (Kodi 17.1) after a few suggestions about the build. When I heard the name I was hoping for something "Barbie Girl" themed after the chart hit from one hit wonders "Aqua" but I was disappointed to see lots of images of water. The build itself is very basic with very little customization to the skin but it seems to do a job for streaming and that's what it is all about.

Dad's Life

Our final build is not actually Dads Life. We did want to include this one but it seems the developer has gone on the missing list so we have popped in a similar build made by the same group of people called CMM. Not much to report about this one other than it looks good and it works.

Finally, the reset feature

The new addition to all builds is the reset feature. This will clean out the currently installed theme and take you back to the Lodi home screen to try a different build.


Each of the 7 builds will have a reset theme option. Sometimes it is in it's own menu and other times it will be below the Exit option.

Click it, you will asked to confirm and then let the magic happen. The system will be wiped clean and the app will close. Sometimes this can take a short while so bare with it and soon enough the app will close. Just launch Lodi again and select a new build.

Download Lodi from the Playstore



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