Lodi Version 4 – Release Date

Lodi - not Kodi version 4 close to full release

12 months on and Lodi is still here. 

Our official Google Playstore App has been downloaded and installed over 8,000 times.
Our free Lodi from the website has been downloaded and installed over 30,000 times.
Our Adult Lodi from the website has been downloaded and installed over 2,000 times.
And over 4,000 people have used our Kodi fork builder program to create their own apps like Lodi.

Stats like this are the reason we are releasing Lodi Version 4.


What's going in to Lodi v4?


Previous versions of Lodi were all built on Kodi 16.0 or Kodi 16.1. Version 4 will be built on Kodi 17.0 Krypton.

The difference with this product is that it will only work on Android versions 5.0 and above. This means anything lower will have to migrate over to our partners app "Appy" downloaded from www.avstream.tv

In this version we will only be providing 2 of the 7 themes available in version 4. The same simple one click install still applies to the Lodi system but we will only be in control over 2 of the themes. The demand though keeping 4 builds up to date as well as everything else that we do was becoming too much.

The additional 5 builds will be coming from the clients that used our Lodi APK Builder service to create a white labeled version of Kodi or SPMC. This will make for a great community based platform to rival any other service.

When will version 4 be available?


Lodi v4 is about 1 week away from release. We have built the platform and put it though it's paces. All we are waiting on are the final builds from the Lodi community and we will be ready to release the application.

Your old Lodi v3 app will auto update to version 4 over the air via the Playstore. This is only if you obtained the application via the Playstore, we know there are somewhere in the region 5,000 rogue copies of Appy out there but these versions will not update like the official app will.

We will make a further post when we are closer to our release date.

Thank you for using Lodi

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