The Kodi Fork Builder has been updated to Kodi 17.3

Create a Kodi 17.3 fork online in 10 minutes

This week the Kodi team released Kodi 17.3 which resolved some security issues with the 17.1 version that left users vulnerable to hacking.

A few days later and we have followed suit to include the Kodi 17.3 structure to our Kodi fork building tool.

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Both single build and multi build forks are available now

If you are unfamiliar with what we do I will briefly explain that our forks of the Kodi software come with a huge difference.

Not only can you create your own custom Kodi 17.3 fork all online, with your custom images and text but they are all integrated with a one click install of your Kodi 17 build right from the home screen.

We didn't stop there either. You can also change the URL that links to your Kodi 17 build remotely in the Lodi Zone so you never have to worry about losing or changing the URL to your build.

We have the Kodi 17.3 single build with built in one click install of your Kodi build and the Kodi 17.3 multi build platform where you can offer up to 8 Kodi builds right from the home screen with a one click install.


How to make your own version of Kodi 17.3

Choose this link

Scroll down and select either of the Kodi 17.3 options.

This will take you to our app submission page. Work your way through the page adding your app name, images and build URL or URL's to the page. When you're happy with the data hit submit and we will send your redesigned APK directly to your inbox in around 10 minutes. The app will be instantly ready to use.

When you get your email and download link you will see an option to login to the Lodi Zone.Lodi-zone-login

Once logged in to the Lodi Zone you can change the URL of your Kodi 17.3 build remotely and your application will re direct to the new URL without having to edit the actually application.

If you have previously created a Kodi 17.1 fork then it is advisable that you upgrade to the 17.3 version to ensure your users are protected against the recently found security issue in Kodi 17.1



Some other tips

To create a build updating link in your Kodi build use this tutorial

Update your Lodi built Kodi fork from within the build


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